Exhibitions    Beaver Galleries 11

24.03.11 to 12.04.11

The Stillness in Movement


Despite the diversity of Thornton Walker’s subject matter and technique, his interest in the dynamics of composition, perspective and spatial depth remains constant.  While maintaining a focus on formal painterly concerns, the artist incorporates subject matter recalled from dreams and personal memories, conferring an ethereal, meditative quality to the work.  Thornton’s recent works explore the ‘frozen moments’ captured by photography and film.  Stills from black and white films, photographs taken by his father in Canada in the 1930s, along with his own archive of photographic images have been Thornton’s inspiration.  Each work portrays a snapshot in time, a single moment in a detailed narrative, full of animation and life but left to the viewer’s imagination to complete.  Shadowy figures on the seashore, a man running through snow-covered woodlands, a pair of outstretched hands, are all overwhelmingly beautiful yet mysterious, as if waiting for the next line in their story.  His new works include pastels on prepared watercolour paper and a new technique of mixing oil paint with different alkyd mediums to create a very thin paint, with virtually no viscosity, allowing Thornton to produce a painterly effect that is fluid and unpredictable.  Demonstrating a masterful and sensitive handling of surfaces, Thornton’s works enchant us with their combination of unique material and spiritual qualities.  He says of his work, “I have always struggled with a work until a certain quality emerges that can often surprise me.  It seems like the painting then starts speaking for itself.”

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