Exhibitions    Heiser Gallery 09

15.09.09 to 10.10.09

"Thornton Walker has been exhibiting his paintings, watercolours and etchings for more than three decades. His paintings are visually attractive, even seductive, but unlike artists where generally what you see is what you get and there is an inevitability about the outcome, Walker embraces the challenge of chance and explores the sense of the enigma. Although at first glance at one of Walker's paintings one is impressed by the virtuosity in the paint application, but this almost appears as an intuitive response to a meditative exploration of the imagery, where the final result is as much of a surprise to the artist as it is to the viewer... ...There is a strong sense of implied narrative but it is not one that has a literal decipherment. As in much of his previous work there is the quality of a Zen-like meditation or that of a waking dream, one where one has slept little, but seen much. ...The objects are selected as triggers for contemplation and then through a process of layering of surfaces, washes, drips and stains, they are allowed to embrace that quality of otherness. They appear as real and tangible, but always refer to a different and more spiritual reality. This artist has rejected the safety of a formulaic approach and continues to challenge himself and his audience." Excerpts from 'Challenging Path Flows in Rewards', Sasha Grishin. The Canberra Times, May 12, 2009.